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 UK Noble Air ASBO

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PostSubject: UK Noble Air ASBO   UK Noble Air ASBO Icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 5:34 am

After all the years I have been with Noble Air, (London) I have come to the conclusion
that The UK sectors of Noble Air now can own a great reward of:


This conclusion has been drawn by the lack of social communtication

IE: Lack of use of the forum and whats worse is the lack of use of Teamspeak.

They are there 24/7 and FREE to use. I am beginning to feel the wolrd of teamspeak is only full of
Americans and Austrailians.
Next I can expect the Noble helpline to be ruddy Bangladesh based.

Come guys your all seen on the ACARS "FLYING OFFLINE" but it don't mean you can not talk on TS

TS3 is better than ever more stable and Mr Busy spends a lot of time and money keeping it on a real server
not a home based unit.

I think its a sad day when the ASBO award is really OWNED by the UK sectors of Noble Air

come guys give us someone to talk to, aint like it gonna cost anything you all already have broadband
so lets try to be more sociable get on TS and chat, 99% of other VA's use TS so what wrong with Noble.

Lets get rid of The A.S.B.O award

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UK Noble Air ASBO
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