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 New London Hub Routes

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PostSubject: New London Hub Routes   New London Hub Routes Icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 4:51 pm

Hi Guys,

You will be pleased to hear that the vast majority of the new schedules/routes have been uploaded and the old ones have been removed. Flights will appear now on the departure and arrival boards for all our airports. The flight numbers all start with NL for Noble London and are followed as before by I/International, D/Domestic, R/Regional, C/ Domestic Cargo or G/International Cargo.

Each flight out of one of the London Airports has a return flight assigned to it with a one hour turn around at the destination airport. Return flights have R on the end of the flight number.

We have also created quite a few secondary flights in Africa, East Europe, North and South Asia. These allow you to either tour around that continent using the departure board, or cross the continents in a series of shorter flights. Many of these flights will join up with routes from the Sydney, Christchurch and Boston Hubs. The Manchester hub is also adding flights. We can select and fly any of these routes from the departure board.

For pilots who like to use the assignments option, will need to regenerate the flights through the "About Me" drop down menu. You just need to type in the ICAO code for the airport you wish for your assignments and press the submit button. A new list will then be generated under the Flights/Assignments menu using the new schedules.

We still have some cargo routes to complete and also the secondary flights within Canada. Many of the cargo routes will originate from Stansted. To avoid too many flights out of Gatwick and Heathrow some flights have been assigned to Luton and Southend.

Once all the entries are completed we will ask Ed to create the *.bgl files for the Noble Air AI aircraft flying our routes, as well as landing, taxiing and taking off on the scheduled times. We hope to be able to publish a list of all the flights out of our airfields complete with the details of T/O times etc.

I would like to thank Bob Mumford on behalf of the Hub for all the great work creating the majority of these new routes.

If you have any problems then please contact me.


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New London Hub Routes
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