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 TS Crashes and Other Progs.

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TS Crashes and Other Progs. Empty
PostSubject: TS Crashes and Other Progs.   TS Crashes and Other Progs. Icon_minitimeTue Aug 23, 2011 5:19 am

Hi All

British Gas and some other fuel companies are supplying some USB devices where you can topup your Gas/ Electric keys or cards via these devices by the internet.

These work fine but there is a problem to they have been inform of. Nicely I might say.. LOL

These devices if kept connected to the USB ports will crash not only TS but also so other software sample is Novaworlds Blackhawk down series
including DFX. these also affect some FS 3rd party software.

Best advice at the moment is not to leave these devices plugged in. as this is a new product faults are just being reported.

hope this helps someone out. or at least have some knowledge of a reason for the fault.

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TS Crashes and Other Progs.
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