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 Noble Board Minutes

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NA3684G Tony
Noble Air London

Number of posts : 18
Age : 58
Localisation : Noble Air London
Registration date : 2007-11-17

PostSubject: Noble Board Minutes   Tue May 31, 2011 4:06 pm

I was just wondering with the few board meetings that have been, I would be interested to know of any minutes taken as such.
as in how are things working or not. as Info seems to be Zero.

Nobody in the London hubs seems to be informed of any of the goings / Ideas / etc
would be nice to know If the board is acting on any improvements.

To be Honest London Hubs looks DEAD in the water, exception of a very select few.
No one on TS or Host. If it was not for the boys from Auz & NZ life on TS would be Zero.

It Has even crossed my mind to Transfer down under, as there be Life out there.

Just one other item which I have requested before. My Rank insig is not correct! As Chef Pilot it should show 4 BARS NOT 3
when can this be updated, or should I just forget it.

ATB Tony
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NA4534G Mr Busy

Number of posts : 6
Age : 52
Localisation : Noble Air London
Registration date : 2007-04-08

PostSubject: Re: Noble Board Minutes   Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:57 am

All RANK/INSIGNIA have always been available to all members, so members can update RANK/INSIGNIA form there own profile on promotions on the London forum.
If you need help on how to use and update your forum profile scratch please let me know Question

Only to happy to teach you, study

(Help you I can)

Mr Busy Very Happy
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NA1227G Roger Eve

Number of posts : 84
Age : 73
Localisation : London Hub
Registration date : 2007-11-17

PostSubject: Re: Noble Board Minutes   Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:38 am

Hi Tony,

To be honest the new BOD is rather slow in starting. Lots of ideas at the beginning, but getting TS meetings becoming effective has some what stalled. Bryan Opalka (HC KORD) is chairing the BOD, but his real world committments are causing him time problems. I have not received any minutes to pass on.

The main plans are to get most of the active Hubs on to the PIREP, to begin the development of a single website with representation from each Hub. Creation of a new BOD manual, and regular BOD on-line meetings. Various individuals will be responsible for some of the Hub activities (for example organising pilots with training skills, they need not be BOD menbers).

There are two reasons why I have not circulated these details. Firstly there is not enough meat on the bones to be sure that these ideas are coming to fruition, and secondly where is the best place to post any information?

If you look at the members section of this forum, very few pilots are using this resource. The messaging system on the PIREP is only seen by those actively flying, and not all my messages are being read by those that are PIREPing. The only way would perhaps for me to email the whole Hub, but this does not promote much discussion, and I do not know who has actually read them.

I do not have a hit counter on the website, but I suspect it is not being checked all that often.

TS and the Host are quiet, but there is quite a lot of flying, with the majority of the pilots showing green on the roster. Most pilots are flying offline - there are four London pilots on the live ACARS as I type this (Sunday Lunchtime). For many reasons a lot of pilots prefer not to be on TS/Host. Even on the Aus and NZ hubs only a small proportion get involved.

We have recruited two new pilots in the last couple of weeks.

If you have any ideas or opinions then please post here or email me. That applies to any pilots who read this post.



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NA3684G Tony
Noble Air London

Number of posts : 18
Age : 58
Localisation : Noble Air London
Registration date : 2007-11-17

PostSubject: Cheers for info.   Wed Jun 22, 2011 4:23 pm

Firstly Thank you both for the responses both very posative.
Mr Busy Thanks for the offer for help as you know i am rubbish at using web site stuff Laughing
So I will give it a go. I to be honest thought it did it for us, Last we spoke I think you said that you didnt hve the Insig
in stock , mind that was a while back.

So Cheers m8 if I cock up i will leave a note.

As for the minutes I can see the dilema you have Roger. As a very interested party as such just thought that it would be
straight forward but After what you have pointed out some very grey areas have to be delt with first.

I still feel its a shame that TS, Host, and this forum are neglected as they are. I know it has always been a bit of a problem, to which
ideas on how to get people using has drawn a blank.

I did Think of Comments on a post card approach may work requesting what the people want from Noble.
But I fear Nil response as you rightly say NO-One reads the posts or message boards.

Thanks anyway for your information I have an understanding now why nothing is mentioned, good luck with what ever attempts
you have to try and better our flight sim lives.

Cheers to David & Roger
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PostSubject: Re: Noble Board Minutes   

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Noble Board Minutes
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