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 Finally Done it.

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NA3684G Tony
Noble Air London

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PostSubject: Finally Done it.   Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:28 am

Whoop Whoop whoopee

I finally got there. Landing in Christchurch Late last night.
Tony, Geoff and few others of the NZ AU pilots witnessed me clocking the
10,000 hr mark. The Pirep system automatically upgraded my rank.

Sadly it the last one to go for. Chef Pilot

If nothing else shows that you can get there just takes a bit of time.
10 years in my case Laughing

I was young and fit when I joined Noble now 50 grey hairs showing, nerves shot to bits with the years
of watching some of the landing our pilots have done INCLUDING Me.

Well after all that Now all that is left to do is:

LEARN TO FLY Laughing amazing what can be done driving these things on the ground.

So come all you guys log the hours and get the ranks moving. Noble is the Best VA in the world.
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NA1227G Roger Eve

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Localisation : London Hub
Registration date : 2007-11-17

PostSubject: Re: Finally Done it.   Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:19 am

cheers Very well done Tony cheers

A first for the London Hub and a great personal achievement. I hope you were well lubricated by the Guys at Christchurch. A smart new glider will be waiting for you on your return to Stansted Laughing

Drinks at the bar on on the house once you get back to Blighty drunken drunken



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Finally Done it.
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