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 PMDG learning curve

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NA4558 Tony

NA4558 Tony

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PostSubject: PMDG learning curve   PMDG learning curve Icon_minitimeSat Apr 24, 2010 4:09 am

Hi to you all and I hope that everyone is well.

I have found a way of not being pilot of the month.......I purchased PMDG B747X!!!!

The whole thing is counterintuitive to me, I have been through examples from the forum on FMC I also dowloaded FSCrew FSX and went through the FMC part of that...............and just when things seemed ok in the world they were no longer!!!

I have read and am still reading the manual.

I have been to the AVSIM PMDG forum and which has not helped me so far.

A couple of quick questions of anyone who is using this version....

1. how do you save a manually generated Flight plan?

2. When I intiated an assigned flight to KLAS the aircraft did not fly the intial route that I programmed but when I worked out ot how to move waypoint up on the FMC it did fly part of the planned route but then decided to have internal conflicts betwenn Alt and Speed after I had also finally worked out that I had not entered a value for the weight, after entering the weight it gave a max alt and would not appear to increase speed above true airspeed 360kts the programme eventually crashed 5.5 hrs into the flight at which point I abondoned all hope in everything and went back to fly the route with default airacrft and eventually landed in Vegas at around midnight sob sob! I have changed the settings to try and reduce the workload on my PC

Do you have any tips?

I have built up the courage to try and crawl along the learning curve and hope that there may be help already out there.

Many thanks,

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NA1227G Roger Eve
NA1227G Roger Eve

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PostSubject: Re: PMDG learning curve   PMDG learning curve Icon_minitimeSat Apr 24, 2010 9:59 am

Hi Tony,

I am no expert on the FMC for the PMDG 747, and I only have the FS9 version. However I am not sure you can save a route created in the FMC itself. I usually create a route in a planning program (e.g. FSBuild or FSNav) and then export it into the PMDG format for future use.

Sometimes the aircraft will not follow the FMC route if the altitude changes etc. that you have set are outside the parameters of the aircraft's performance. This usually results in the VNav turning off on the autopilot and the aircraft will just continue to climb or descend at the rate it was last using.

If no one else responds here then post something on the Christchurch lounge as they use FSX PMDGs regularly.



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PMDG learning curve
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